Parent-Teacher Conferences (obsolete?)

I just think it’s odd that parents choose to spend their time going to parent-teacher conferences (I certainly won’t) when they can do the following literally whenever they want:

  • Check their child’s grades online
  • Check the homework schedule online
  • Email the teacher 
  • Read the school’s policies online
  • Talk to their child over dinner about what they’re learning (I know that’s a bit extreme, but it’s possible)
  • Parents can even meet with any teacher over Skype or Google Hangouts and save the trip.  

Especially in high school, should we still continue this unnecessary tradition?

Published by Mr. Curtis Sensei

Hello! My name’s Curt, and I’m a teacher, Director of ELL, and Co-Director of Educational Technology at a small private high school in West Michigan. I share my ideas here.

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