Quizlet is the Greatest!

The teachers who taught pre-Internet must have been the hardest workers in the entire world.

They actually had to read the class book and make a list of vocabulary words from each chapter. That’s insane!

When I need a list of chapter 1 vocabulary words from TKAM, I just search Quizlet and the list is there waiting for me. Not only that, I’m a few click away from having a quiz on those words, flashcards, and individual and team study games. Teachers, in some ways we’re way more spoiled than the teachers we had in high school.

I understand almost everyone already knows about Quizlet. But if not, make an account and check it out. I made a video explaining what it can do.

Published by Mr. Curtis Sensei

Hello! My name’s Curt, and I’m a teacher, Director of ELL, and Co-Director of Educational Technology at a small private high school in West Michigan. I share my ideas here.

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