Making Progress in Health (3/14/2020)

I’m pleased with my eating habits over the past couple of weeks. I was getting good at packing a healthy lunch for school (usually a salad in a jar).

As of Friday, however, I’ll be off of school until April 6, 2020 because of CoronaVirus. So, I’ll have to work harder to be disciplined with my eating at home. The fridge is always there.

As for exercise, I’ve been either doing the walking videos in the morning or going for a long walk with the stroller after school. I’ve consistently been getting well over 10,000 steps per day.

Consistency is the key, and I feel the habits forming. I feel in control in this area of my life. It’s a good feeling.

I feel closer to fitting into my one and only suit.

Published by Mr. Curtis Sensei

Hello! My name’s Curt, and I’m a teacher, Director of ELL, and Co-Director of Educational Technology at a small private high school in West Michigan. I share my ideas here.

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