ESL Trivia Challenge 1

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There is nothing more dangerous than a well-prepared teacher.

Think about it.

Take a motivated teacher, armed with good resources and a desire to make difference. It’s more than a desire to help students engage in the process of learning a new language. There’s a bigger dream. It’s the secret hope of showing students how to become aware of the world around them.

Sure, it’s a big dream. But, isn’t that what good teachers do?

Here’s the dangerous part. There are lots of problems in the world. Heck, that’s certainly true where I live. What can teachers do? Don’t just teach your subject in the class. Do more. Aspire to teaching knowledge, problem solving and critical thinking.

Therein lies the danger. There’s nothing more dangerous than people who can think for themselves.

Teaching need not always follow the book. I believe teachers can make learning fun, challenging and dangerous all at the same time. It just takes verve and a few good resources.

I’ve got the resources. Did you bring your verve?

Published by Mr. Curtis Sensei

Hello! My name’s Curt, and I’m a teacher, Director of ELL, and Co-Director of Educational Technology at a small private high school in West Michigan. I share my ideas here.

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