Blogging for Profit

With more than 300 million blogs and over a billion active websites on the internet, blogging has become a serious component of running a successful business or brand. Do you wish to have a slice of the turkey before it’s gone completely? Whether you are a small business owner just learning nuts and bolts of blogging magic or alreadyContinue reading “Blogging for Profit”

BOOK REVIEW: Just Mercy (Adapted for Young Adults): The Call to be a “Stonecatcher”

I recently purchased and read Just Mercy: A True Story of the Fight for Justice (Adapted for Young Readers) by attorney Bryan Stevenson. I wanted a quick, easy read I could enjoy, and the adult version had glowing reviews. I also decided to get the young readers edition, because I thought it might be aContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Just Mercy (Adapted for Young Adults): The Call to be a “Stonecatcher””

How to Deal with a Difficult Boss PDF

This book gives you all the secret hacks to get you promoted fast. Written by managers to help employees get to the other side of their frustration and to get yourself into a different and better job situation. Manager Hacker contains language used by real people and is not edited for political or corporate correctness. InContinue reading “How to Deal with a Difficult Boss PDF”

Essential site for PE teachers (or aspiring ones)

If you are a PE teacher, check out this website: He has so many great ideas. He also has a membership site you can join for a monthly fee. According to the site, here’s what’s offered: Our goal with the PE Specialist Membership is to create the ultimate resource that everyone wishes they could’veContinue reading “Essential site for PE teachers (or aspiring ones)”

Great Channel for New Teachers (and old ones)

I found this great YouTube channel for new (and old) teachers. His videos address such topics as the following: What if the school system sucks? What if you suck as a teacher? An Average Teacher Day Teacher Morning Routine Check out this video (A day in the life of a teacher):

"Easiest Way to Turn Your Kids into Geniuses" – John Taylor Gatto

From the description: “NY State Teacher of the Year Award Winner, John Taylor Gatto shares how to easily turn your child into a genius. Great interview!! An intellectual champion for self-directed learning, Mr. Gatto speaks about Richard Branson’s experience at age 4 which forever changed his life. Get ready for tremendous insight in the creativeContinue reading “"Easiest Way to Turn Your Kids into Geniuses" – John Taylor Gatto”

Sell your college course work!

Teachers, We all had to make ridiculously long lesson plans and assignments in our college education courses. If you saved them, sell them on TPT! Many other teachers may find them useful! Sell lesson plans, powerpoints, worksheets, or anything that might be helpful! I made a short video about this concept. Watch it here:

Teach Writing Thinkingly ($11 ESL Downloadable Resource)

Is it possible to teach writing and critical thinking? Oh yes, indubitably. Every ESL writing teacher secretly wants to be a guiding force that helps students write clearly and think critically. But who has time to do the research, compile the resources and develop the lessons? Well, that’s what makes this ebook unique. The leg work’s done,Continue reading “Teach Writing Thinkingly ($11 ESL Downloadable Resource)”