Blogging for Profit

With more than 300 million blogs and over a billion active websites on the internet, blogging has become a serious component of running a successful business or brand. Do you wish to have a slice of the turkey before it’s gone completely? Whether you are a small business owner just learning nuts and bolts of blogging magic or alreadyContinue reading “Blogging for Profit”

Sell your college course work!

Teachers, We all had to make ridiculously long lesson plans and assignments in our college education courses. If you saved them, sell them on TPT! Many other teachers may find them useful! Sell lesson plans, powerpoints, worksheets, or anything that might be helpful! I made a short video about this concept. Watch it here:

Great Investment Channel

I recently started following Ryan Scribner. Check out this video called “I’m Building A $100,000 Stock Portfolio From SCRATCH (In 2020)”. He’s doing a new series. From the description: “In this series, I will be building a $100,000 dividend stock portfolio from scratch investing with M1 Finance. Each week, I will be contributing money toContinue reading “Great Investment Channel”

Guerrilla Travel Photography Manual

It’s a professionally designed, content-packed 259 page manual (129 double spreads, A4 size pages) that’s really more like a course than an ebook. It provides you with a personal photographic armoury of creative tools, ninja practical tips and downright cunning techniques that will transform your travel images and the way you shoot on the road. Above all, it is designedContinue reading “Guerrilla Travel Photography Manual”

My Online Course ($25)…for teachers!

If you want to learn how to make some beer money on TeachersPayTeachers, check out my online course! It’s my first, which is why it’s so cheap 🙂 SEE CURRICULUM HERE:

Try Skillshare

I’m enjoying my two month trial of Skillshare (the Netflix of online courses).  I’m learning about blogging and productivity at the moment, and I’m enjoying it. Thomas Frank ( teaches the course on productivity.  It’s well done. Try your free two month trial!    

How I got excited about passive income

Teachers Pay Teachers taught me the power of passive income. It took me so long to really start earning some decent scratch on the site. But I’m glad I persisted. Now I’m trying to figure out other ways I can make some passive income. My newest project is this online course I created to teachContinue reading “How I got excited about passive income”

Engineered Truth Premium

I’m going to save up and join this community. Currently $197 gets you a lifetime membership. I think I have a lot to learn from the community, specifically regarding buying online businesses. I think I’d rather invest in an online business instead of real estate. I’ve seen enough horror stories about terrible tenants.