40 Alternatives to College

James Altucher is an interesting guy. I recommend checking out his books on Amazon or BN. Below he did a slideshow called 40 Alternatives to College. Altucher has been a major critic of college, and he advises parents to NOT send their kids to college. That advice is getting more and more popular. Check outContinue reading “40 Alternatives to College”

Essential Reference Book for Young Men

I would say you NEED this book if you’re a young man. If you’re not sure if you should buy it, start with this short interview with Aaron Clarey. During the nearly 19-minute long interview, Aaron will explore: ● The only source of happiness in a period of national decline. ● What is the chiefContinue reading “Essential Reference Book for Young Men”

Getting Started as a Consultant

According to recent surveys, successful consultants easily earn $1,000 a day – and more. Learn more here: LEARN HOW TO START YOUR CONSULTING FIRM. This nuts-and-bolts class teaches you how to start and run your own consulting practice using what you already know. Learn how to: *Develop your expertise and gain “expert” credentials *Set yourContinue reading “Getting Started as a Consultant”

For Freelance Writers

The latest edition of The In-Flight Magazines Report is now available. It now lists more than 250 in-flight magazines from airlines around the world, up from 210 in the previous edition.  As of early 2016, the travel industry is experiencing strong growth, so this is an excellent time for freelancers to approach the publishers of in-flight magazines.  NOTE: it is tough for beginners to breakContinue reading “For Freelance Writers”

Regrets (college is not the only path)

I teach summer school each year to a group of awesome English language learners from all over the world. It’s a fun and rewarding gig, and I love teaching at such a diverse school with such polite and interesting students. One of my favorite field trips we did with these students was visit a CoastContinue reading “Regrets (college is not the only path)”

Go Into “Monk Mode”

Check out this book HERE. Inside the Monk Mode ebook is a plan that you follow. All details are outlined in the Monk Mode ebook. All you have to do is read the instructions and then do what it says. Remember the plan only works if you have a goal you are working towards. ButContinue reading “Go Into “Monk Mode””

“Passive” Income- Gillian Perkins

I’m very interested in creating passive income (I don’t like the word ‘passive’, but I think you know what I mean when I use the word). I’ve done a pretty good job with Teachers Pay Teachers and a public domain short stories book I have for sale on Amazon. BUT, I come nowhere close toContinue reading ““Passive” Income- Gillian Perkins”

Get career (and any) advice from people who have awesome lives

Always get advice from people you admire and want to emulate. Don’t get money advice from someone who leases a Suburban for $600 / month. Get advice from people who have it figured out and see through outdated conventional wisdom. These two wise men below have it figured out. They share 12 stupid things thatContinue reading “Get career (and any) advice from people who have awesome lives”

You Can Buy an Online Business

It can be very, very time consuming to build a profitable online business. I know, because I’ve tried. I have been watching YouTube videos recently about simply buying online businesses and hiring someone to operate them. I can’t afford that now, but I’d like to do that in the future. I found various sites thatContinue reading “You Can Buy an Online Business”