Free!!! One-Week Philosophy Unit for Online Learning

Unit Overview:  This is a one-week unit in which you will explore five different philosophical topics.  I hope you find them interesting.  Directions:  Read the assigned article.  Then answer the two prompts in paragraph form.  When you click the article’s link, please create an account on  This will allow you to view all articlesContinue reading “Free!!! One-Week Philosophy Unit for Online Learning”

Teach Writing Thinkingly ($11 ESL Downloadable Resource)

Is it possible to teach writing and critical thinking? Oh yes, indubitably. Every ESL writing teacher secretly wants to be a guiding force that helps students write clearly and think critically. But who has time to do the research, compile the resources and develop the lessons? Well, that’s what makes this ebook unique. The leg work’s done,Continue reading “Teach Writing Thinkingly ($11 ESL Downloadable Resource)”

American History Plans (K-6)

24 Weeks of  American history reading plans in PDF format along with an editable Microsoft Excel version for custom-fitting the lesson plans to your family’s preferences. Includes three years’ worth of read alouds for cycling back through American history multiple times! This American history reading plan may be used with or without Classical Conversations. ForContinue reading “American History Plans (K-6)”

Getting Started on TPT

I’m thankful I got started on Teachers Pay Teachers and pushed through making no money. I now earn hundreds each month now, and I hope to break $1,000 in a month next year. If I knew how long it would take to get to this point, I’m not sure I would’ve even started. But ifContinue reading “Getting Started on TPT”

Quizlet is the Greatest!

The teachers who taught pre-Internet must have been the hardest workers in the entire world. They actually had to read the class book and make a list of vocabulary words from each chapter. That’s insane! When I need a list of chapter 1 vocabulary words from TKAM, I just search Quizlet and the list isContinue reading “Quizlet is the Greatest!”

College Visit Assignment (summer assignment)

Summer reading assignments don’t work, because most students don’t read the book. They look at the Spark Notes, do the assignment, and get a good enough grade. We probably all know honor roll students who’ve never read an entire class book. That’s sad. So, I prefer to give students this summer assignment: Visit a college,Continue reading “College Visit Assignment (summer assignment)”