BOOK REVIEW: Just Mercy (Adapted for Young Adults): The Call to be a “Stonecatcher”

I recently purchased and read Just Mercy: A True Story of the Fight for Justice (Adapted for Young Readers) by attorney Bryan Stevenson. I wanted a quick, easy read I could enjoy, and the adult version had glowing reviews. I also decided to get the young readers edition, because I thought it might be aContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Just Mercy (Adapted for Young Adults): The Call to be a “Stonecatcher””

“Easiest Way to Turn Your Kids into Geniuses” – John Taylor Gatto

From the description: “NY State Teacher of the Year Award Winner, John Taylor Gatto shares how to easily turn your child into a genius. Great interview!! An intellectual champion for self-directed learning, Mr. Gatto speaks about Richard Branson’s experience at age 4 which forever changed his life. Get ready for tremendous insight in the creativeContinue reading ““Easiest Way to Turn Your Kids into Geniuses” – John Taylor Gatto”

Thank God TFA Rejected Me!

Many, many years ago (well over a decade ago) I applied for Teach for America. I liked the program for many reasons: It was prestigious: Many Ivy League grads join TFA. I figured I’d meet a lot of interesting, high quality people. Scholarships / incentives for TFA alumni. A chance to live in a newContinue reading “Thank God TFA Rejected Me!”

Book Review of Deep Work

I listened to the audiobook of Deep Work, by Cal Newport. Here’s the synopsis from his blog: “The Deep Work Hypothesis: The ability to concentrate without distraction on a demanding task (what I call “deep work”) is becoming more rare at the same time that it’s becoming more valuable in the knowledge sector. As a result,Continue reading “Book Review of Deep Work”

Happy New Year: What I will do in 2020.

Daily habits I will cultivate: Do a 30-minute workout video 6 days per week (Beachbody App). Pack my work lunch daily (no eating out). Smoothie or eggs for breakfast. Spend time daily improving my online businesses. Read daily FOR ENJOYMENT. Do the dishes daily and tidy up (set out work clothes, etc.) every weeknight. BooksContinue reading “Happy New Year: What I will do in 2020.”

More great books about education…

Bill Gates has an awesome website for book lovers. I think he reads a book a week. He writes his reviews and thoughts on his website. Check out his list of books on education (teachers, universities, and high schools). I’m sure you will find something interesting and useful!