How to Hack a Big Mouth Boss E-Book

Going Undercover to Hack the Gossip-Monger (CLICK HERE)

This book contains language used by real people and is not edited for political or corporate correctness. In other words, we have edited out all the bullshit! So, if you don’t like the “F” word…this book may not be for you.

If you have a manager who is holding you back or is making you talk to yourself incessantly, causing you to be stressed out on your time off, while you should be enjoying your life, you’re in the right place – about to read this book. Remember, life is supposed to be a fun journey, not a frustrating struggle.

A Big-Mouth Boss also know as a Gossip-Monger is someone who loves to spread hearsay, tidbits, and smut around the office with the intent of making people think that they are in the know. But don’t be fooled. By sharing their “inside info” with you, they attempt to make you feel like you too are on the “inside” as a way to gain your undying loyalty and commitment.

A Big-Mouth Boss is so insecure that they have to make people think they know everything about everything, which of course, in their mind, makes them feel unexpendable. They feed you just the right amount of information to keep you producing and hungry for more.

As far as your performance review goes, forget it. You will never be good enough. Because a Big-Mouth Boss thinks they know everything, they will keep you guessing and chasing the carrot by being vague and leaving you wondering where you’re lacking and where you need improvement.

Whether it’s with malicious intent or just for fun, if you want the whole office to know something embarrassing about one of your co-workers, tell your Big-Mouth Boss about it. Faster than the speed of a group text, everyone will know Joey dropped his iPhone in the toilet just before the Monday morning sales meeting because after his binge weekend he was still plowed.

Often, they’ll shoot their mouth off with some company-wide, potential upcoming changes that were mentioned briefly at their level 3 planning retreat, just to see how many people they can piss off or throw into a paranoid tizzy.

A Big-Mouth Boss has a shitty management style because this ignorant blabbermouth hasn’t a clue that the wake of their destruction will most likely be the demise of their team.

If you are sick and tired of all the bullshit and want to either get promoted or get on with it, read on!

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Free!!! One-Week Philosophy Unit for Online Learning

Unit Overview:  This is a one-week unit in which you will explore five different philosophical topics.  I hope you find them interesting. 

Directions:  Read the assigned article.  Then answer the two prompts in paragraph form.  When you click the article’s link, please create an account on  This will allow you to view all articles and to have the article read aloud if you wish.  

CREDIT:  The questions you must answer come directly from

The Ultimate Guide To Become Location Independent

The Ultimate Guide To Become Location Independent is your one-stop guide to help you create a lifestyle of nomadic entrepreneurship by following your passion.

Whether it is long-term travel, creating an extra income through passion projects, or simply having the freedom to settle anywhere in the world while still making a living, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to make it happen.

The eBook is organized in a simple, easy to follow format that will guide you from understanding what location independent is to the execution of this lifestyle.

It is also designed to inspire you by sharing the tips, strategies, and stories that helped me become location independent and travel with a small budget to over 87 countries in the past three years.

In its 200+ pages I show you:

– How to introduce yourself to a location independent lifestyle.
– The basics to become an online entrepreneur, including several ways in which you could make a living abroad.
– How to minimize the risks of taking this lifestyle.
– How to manage your time between business and travel.
– How to travel and live abroad for less money than what you spend at home.
– How to manage your finances on the road, even if you have debt.
– Methods to evaluate the cost of living and traveling around the world.
– Travel Hacking tips to help you fly and find accommodation at a fraction of the cost or even for free!
– Ways to discover free or cheap deals in the area you are visiting.
– An in-depth resource list to keep you on top of everything needed to plan your trip around the world.
– And more…
Take action to realize your dreams and stop fearing what could be ahead if you take the leap.