Motivation Board

I’m focusing on four things in my life:

  1. weight loss (health)
  2. reading / education
  3. relationships & social life
  4. My online businesses…I also want to get some kind of work-related certification.

Each time I go to my home office, I look at my motivation board. I keep track of the books I read this year, log my morning workouts, and view my daily/weekly/yearly goals and habits.

The vision board cost me $7 on

QUOTE: Conquer yourself rather than the world…Rene DesCartes.

Healthy Living Check-in 3/7/2020 (my quest to not be fat)

OK, about 10 days in. I woke up early four times last workweek, and I did 20-minute workout videos. The videos are on YouTube and they’re called “Walk at Home“.

Yes, I know they are for women and obese men. However, I am simply trying to make myself get up at 5:15 a.m. and do ANY 20-minute workout.

I ate pretty well- probably best week of the year. Lots of salads, eggs, and tacos with low-carb tortillas. Major slip-up: 3 donuts one day and two slices of pizza for lunch yesterday. Also I had 44 oz of beer one day. OTHER THAN THAT, I’ve been near perfect.

I’ve been watching Bulldog Mindset videos, and he reminds me that CONSISTENCY is the key. I’m always looking for quick fixes, but I need to be consistent. Check out the Bulldog here:

Weight Loss Journey Began on Feb. 27, 2020

I recently tried on the suit I purchased about eight years ago. Well, I tried to try it on. I couldn’t even get the pants on. It was then I knew I had a big problem and that I let things get out of control.

So, I have decided to take things seriously and really work on weight loss. I plan on making this my #1 priority for 100 days.

By late-May, for the high school graduation ceremony, I plan on fitting back into that suit.

I know you want some stats, but I refuse to weigh myself. I think I’ll give up if I see the number on the scale. But my waist is probably about 38″ and my suit pants are 34″.

The official starting day was actually yesterday, 2/27/2020. Here’s what I’m doing (so far I’ve been perfect):

  1. I’m tracking my progress in The 100-Day Goal Journal by John Lee Dumas. It was only $10, and I think it’ll help me stay on track.
  2. I’m getting up at around 5:15 each morning to do a workout video (20-30 minutes). I’m starting with easy ones to get me into the habit. So I’m working out with these ladies:
  3. I’m making my own breakfast at home (eggs or protein shake), packing a salad for lunch, and making something for dinner that is very low in carbs.

There’s nothing I want more in my life right now than to be skinny and relatively fit. I’m going to make it happen this time.

Blogging for Profit

With more than 300 million blogs and over a billion active websites on the internet, blogging has become a serious component of running a successful business or brand.

Do you wish to have a slice of the turkey before it’s gone completely?

Whether you are a small business owner just learning nuts and bolts of blogging magic or already a blogging guru, you need to keep abreast of the most important blogging trends and practices if you want to convert your blog into a thriving business.


BOOK REVIEW: Just Mercy (Adapted for Young Adults): The Call to be a “Stonecatcher”

I recently purchased and read Just Mercy: A True Story of the Fight for Justice (Adapted for Young Readers) by attorney Bryan Stevenson. I wanted a quick, easy read I could enjoy, and the adult version had glowing reviews. I also decided to get the young readers edition, because I thought it might be a perfect nonfiction book for my freshmen to read for the justice unit I teach every year.

I ended up reading the book in three days, spending my lunch periods and every free minute to pick it up and read a chapter or two. This book reminded me that, “The true measure of our character is how we treat the poor, the disfavored, the accused, the incarcerated, and the condemned.” I haven’t taught the book yet, but when I do, I’m confident that my students will walk away from this unforgettable book with the same lessons.

Stevenson shares his stories of working as an attorney for the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) where he and his team defend those on death row, children doomed to extreme sentences, and the falsely accused. The reader quickly learns how poorly formulated laws can have terrible effects on our society.

Most stories made me angry but also thankful that people like Stevenson are called to this kind of work. For example, it was personally hard for me to read about the young teen, who after shooting and killing the man who brutally battered his mother, was sent to an adult prison where he was horrifically abused. Our prison system is a catastrophic failure, and Stevenson and his team are chipping away to make it a little less awful.

I remember very few books I had to read in high school. But I can’t imagine a book like this being easily forgotten by any student. Some quotes I had to reread include the following:

“In the United States, the number of women sent to prison increased 646 percent between 1980 and 2010.”

“Between 1990 and 2005, a new prison opened in the United States every ten days.”

“Today, over 50 percent of prison and jail inmates in the United States have a diagnosed mental illness.”

Stevenson is an engaging and skilled writer. The book mostly tells the story of William McMillian, an uneducated African-American man who is wrongly convicted of murder and put on death row. The case is full of corruption and incompetence and hatred. But sometimes Stevenson pauses on William’s story to dedicate a chapter to another one of his clients who was also mistreated by our legal system. The book is full of statistics, legal history, and great vocabulary (I highlighted 196 words my students might need to learn).

Finally, the book will make you cry. Towards the end of the book, in a chapter entitled Broken, Stevenson tells a story from when he was around 10-years-old when he laughs at a boy at church who has a stutter (thinking the boy is joking). Stevenson’s mother witnesses the encounter, and she makes him hug the boy and tell him, “I love you.” This whole scene only takes up two pages of a book of over 250 pages. But you will likely have tears in your eyes when you finish reading it.

In the end, Stevenson calls us to be “stonecatchers.” When speaking at a church, he relayed the Bible story of the woman caught in adultery. Stevenson writes:

“Accusers retreated, and Jesus forgave. But today, our self-righteousness, our fear, and our anger have caused us to hurl stones at the people who fall down, even when we know we should forgive or show compassion. I told the congregation that we can’t simply watch that happen. I told them we have to be stonecatchers.”

This book will inspire you to become a stonecatcher.

How to Deal with a Difficult Boss PDF

This book gives you all the secret hacks to get you promoted fast. Written by managers to help employees get to the other side of their frustration and to get yourself into a different and better job situation. Manager Hacker contains language used by real people and is not edited for political or corporate correctness.

In other words, we have edited out all the bullshit! So, if you don’t like the “F” word…this book may not be for you. If you have a manager who is holding you back or is making you talk to yourself incessantly, causing you to be stressed out on your time off, while you should be enjoying your life, you’re in the right place – about to read this book.

Remember, life is supposed to be a fun journey, not a frustrating struggle.

Have you ever noticed how dysfunctional bosses come in many different disguises?

Some managers mask their flaws by being insecure, others by being control freaks, or by just being freaked-out micro-managers.

Others are panicky, self-doubters but act like know-it-alls, while still others are unconfident and overcompensate by giving you unrealistic goals and drive you into the ground expecting you to meet goals that no sane person on earth could ever meet.

Many are disorganized, self-conscious, inflexible, bitchy, overly analytical, indecisive….you name it, all of which cause you frustration and prevent you from doing your job like a rock star.

Nevertheless, dysfunctional managers all pretend to know what they’re doing and pretend to have it all under control, which makes them straight-up, fucked up.

On the flip-side, great managers will quickly help you with just about anything you need, and they genuinely want to help you be very successful.

So, what’s the deal with dysfunctional managers who are support minimalists and leave you to fend for yourself?! You cannot and will not change them.

The best you can do is spend your precious life trying to change them, or you’ll enable them and perpetuate your self-inflicted frustration.

We’re here to tell you; you don’t need to put up with it any longer. Crappy managers need hacking, and we’re going to tell you why and exactly how to do it.

Manager Hacker is about going incognito and becoming a red hot sleuth and hanging just below the radar to solve your irritating management dilemma…without getting caught.


Essential site for PE teachers (or aspiring ones)

If you are a PE teacher, check out this website:

He has so many great ideas. He also has a membership site you can join for a monthly fee. According to the site, here’s what’s offered:

Our goal with the PE Specialist Membership is to create the ultimate resource that everyone wishes they could’ve have had when they start a teaching career.   We want to provide a practical resource to teachers that need some fresh ideas, lesson and unit examples, a little guidance and a creative boost to take their teaching to the next level.   The membership is a 24 hour library, it’s always there when you need it and it has everything you need to assist you in becoming the Superstar Phys Ed Teacher that we know you can be.

Sample video from his YouTube channel

“Easiest Way to Turn Your Kids into Geniuses” – John Taylor Gatto

From the description: “NY State Teacher of the Year Award Winner, John Taylor Gatto shares how to easily turn your child into a genius. Great interview!! An intellectual champion for self-directed learning,

Mr. Gatto speaks about Richard Branson’s experience at age 4 which forever changed his life. Get ready for tremendous insight in the creative genius of the young.”