Great Channel for New Teachers (and old ones)

I found this great YouTube channel for new (and old) teachers. His videos address such topics as the following:

  • What if the school system sucks?
  • What if you suck as a teacher?
  • An Average Teacher Day
  • Teacher Morning Routine

Check out this video (A day in the life of a teacher):

“Easiest Way to Turn Your Kids into Geniuses” – John Taylor Gatto

From the description: “NY State Teacher of the Year Award Winner, John Taylor Gatto shares how to easily turn your child into a genius. Great interview!! An intellectual champion for self-directed learning,

Mr. Gatto speaks about Richard Branson’s experience at age 4 which forever changed his life. Get ready for tremendous insight in the creative genius of the young.”

Sell your college course work!


We all had to make ridiculously long lesson plans and assignments in our college education courses. If you saved them, sell them on TPT! Many other teachers may find them useful!

Sell lesson plans, powerpoints, worksheets, or anything that might be helpful!

I made a short video about this concept. Watch it here:

Teach Writing Thinkingly ($11 ESL Downloadable Resource)

Is it possible to teach writing and critical thinking?

Oh yes, indubitably.

Every ESL writing teacher secretly wants to be a guiding force that helps students write clearly and think critically.

But who has time to do the research, compile the resources and develop the lessons?

Well, that’s what makes this ebook unique.

The leg work’s done, so you can get on with the task of helping your students become articulate and insightful communicators.

Written for ESL-EFL students at the intermediate+ level, 20 lessons effect student achievement with learning outcomes inspired by the 6+1 Writing Traits and the language of arguments and ideas.

Get the ebook now

Instant email delivery and only $11 USD.

Buy with Paypal or a credit card. After payment has been confirmed, you get instant access. I send you a message and you download the pdf file.


Great Investment Channel

I recently started following Ryan Scribner. Check out this video called “I’m Building A $100,000 Stock Portfolio From SCRATCH (In 2020)”.

He’s doing a new series. From the description:

“In this series, I will be building a $100,000 dividend stock portfolio from scratch investing with M1 Finance. Each week, I will be contributing money to this account. Then, each month I will be providing you with an update video. “

Thank God TFA Rejected Me!

Many, many years ago (well over a decade ago) I applied for Teach for America. I liked the program for many reasons:

  1. It was prestigious: Many Ivy League grads join TFA. I figured I’d meet a lot of interesting, high quality people.
  2. Scholarships / incentives for TFA alumni.
  3. A chance to live in a new city for a couple of years.
  4. Training programs to prepare you for inner-city teaching.
  5. A chance to make a difference.

I applied and got invited to a discussion panel thing in Chicago. I had to write a response to a prompt about teacher pay. I don’t remember too much more about that day. But I do remember being bitter about the rejection letter that came later.

This morning I was online and came across this article, and it made me so thankful I got rejected:

I also read this followup written in 2015:

If you are looking to make a difference or change careers, I would recommend joining The Peace Corps. Or, you could do what I did: Spend a couple years teaching abroad.

If you go to Japan or Korea, you can get paid well, help RESPECTFUL students learn English, and save a lot of money. You could even get an online degree in your free time while teaching abroad.

That being said, I do think TFA has great intentions, and I’m rooting for every TFA teacher. But please read that article and understand something similar could happen to you.