Online Short Story Unit for 11th Grade (Free download)

I used stories from to create these 2-week short story unit for 10th or 11th grade students. Perfect for online work. You’ll need to create a free commonlit account (and your students might have to as well in order to see all stories). You don’t get any emails from them- it’s a very reputableContinue reading “Online Short Story Unit for 11th Grade (Free download)”

Online Short Story Unit for Middle School (FREE)

I made a 6-day short story unit that would be PERFECT for students to do from home. You could probably stretch it into a 2-week plan. I use stories from I also use some of their questions and vocabulary words. I was able to find YouTube audio for ALL SIX of the stories! AndContinue reading “Online Short Story Unit for Middle School (FREE)”

Regrets (college is not the only path)

I teach summer school each year to a group of awesome English language learners from all over the world. It’s a fun and rewarding gig, and I love teaching at such a diverse school with such polite and interesting students. One of my favorite field trips we did with these students was visit a CoastContinue reading “Regrets (college is not the only path)”