Mission World Wonders Teacher's Guide PDF

A full year missions-based curriculum with an integrated study of Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and Canada! Join us as we remember the wondrous works God has done! This full 36-week curriculum guide provides an integrated study of Africa, Asia, Central & South America, and Canada, including missionaries studies, hymn study, fine arts, andContinue reading “Mission World Wonders Teacher's Guide PDF”

Online High School Week #1

Well, it’s Wednesday, March 18, 2020. This is the 3rd day of “online school” since school was closed due to the CoronaVirus. So far, I enjoy online school. It’s fun to make videos, organize assignments, and interact with students online. Many other teachers really like doing Google Meet classes. I miss the interaction with otherContinue reading “Online High School Week #1”

Making Progress in Health (3/14/2020)

I’m pleased with my eating habits over the past couple of weeks. I was getting good at packing a healthy lunch for school (usually a salad in a jar). As of Friday, however, I’ll be off of school until April 6, 2020 because of CoronaVirus. So, I’ll have to work harder to be disciplined withContinue reading “Making Progress in Health (3/14/2020)”

American History Plans (K-6)

24 Weeks of  American history reading plans in PDF format along with an editable Microsoft Excel version for custom-fitting the lesson plans to your family’s preferences. Includes three years’ worth of read alouds for cycling back through American history multiple times! This American history reading plan may be used with or without Classical Conversations. ForContinue reading “American History Plans (K-6)”

College, Trade School, Neither?

I loved college. But I sometimes wonder if I would go to college if I could do it all over again. There are so many excellent trade school options. These are some vocations I think I could’ve excelled at: Physical Therapy Assistant or Occupational Therapy Assistant Digital Marketing Mechatronics Computer Programming In this video IContinue reading “College, Trade School, Neither?”

John Taylor Gatto-Legend

John Taylor Gatto, legendary teacher and writer, is the man I most would’ve liked to meet. Unfortunately he passed away, but his books and YouTube videos thankfully live on. His book, Dumbing Us Down, turned me into a voracious reader. It was the first time I really thought deeply about my education. I then readContinue reading “John Taylor Gatto-Legend”