Essential site for PE teachers (or aspiring ones)

If you are a PE teacher, check out this website: He has so many great ideas. He also has a membership site you can join for a monthly fee. According to the site, here’s what’s offered: Our goal with the PE Specialist Membership is to create the ultimate resource that everyone wishes they could’veContinue reading “Essential site for PE teachers (or aspiring ones)”

Great Channel for New Teachers (and old ones)

I found this great YouTube channel for new (and old) teachers. His videos address such topics as the following: What if the school system sucks? What if you suck as a teacher? An Average Teacher Day Teacher Morning Routine Check out this video (A day in the life of a teacher):

Parent-Teacher Conferences (obsolete?)

I just think it’s odd that parents choose to spend their time going to parent-teacher conferences (I certainly won’t) when they can do the following literally whenever they want: Check their child’s grades online Check the homework schedule online Email the teacher  Read the school’s policies online Talk to their child over dinner about whatContinue reading “Parent-Teacher Conferences (obsolete?)”

Working Remotely

If you have a career in which you spend a majority of your day in front of the computer or on the phone, then you could and should do your job from home, at least partially.  You would be more productive working from home, and you would be happier.  The reasons are obvious. First ofContinue reading “Working Remotely”