Sell your college course work!

Teachers, We all had to make ridiculously long lesson plans and assignments in our college education courses. If you saved them, sell them on TPT! Many other teachers may find them useful! Sell lesson plans, powerpoints, worksheets, or anything that might be helpful! I made a short video about this concept. Watch it here:

My Online Course ($25)…for teachers!

If you want to learn how to make some beer money on TeachersPayTeachers, check out my online course! It’s my first, which is why it’s so cheap 🙂 SEE CURRICULUM HERE:

How I got excited about passive income

Teachers Pay Teachers taught me the power of passive income. It took me so long to really start earning some decent scratch on the site. But I’m glad I persisted. Now I’m trying to figure out other ways I can make some passive income. My newest project is this online course I created to teachContinue reading “How I got excited about passive income”

Getting Started on TPT

I’m thankful I got started on Teachers Pay Teachers and pushed through making no money. I now earn hundreds each month now, and I hope to break $1,000 in a month next year. If I knew how long it would take to get to this point, I’m not sure I would’ve even started. But ifContinue reading “Getting Started on TPT”

My TPT Store

I spent sooooo long getting my TPT store to where it is now. If I knew how long it would’ve taken to make even $20 / month, I would’ve given up long ago. Glad I didn’t! Persevere! You too can make some passive income if you WORK HARD for a few years. Think of itContinue reading “My TPT Store”

Philosophy Lunch Club

I think this is a great way for teachers or students to spend their lunch break. Watch the video and check out the document! Basic Instructions: Once a month participants will get together during lunch to ponder a certain philosophical (or cultural) idea or question. There will be a leader for each lunch session. TheContinue reading “Philosophy Lunch Club”

My Thoughts on Hobbies

Hobbies make us intriguing and interesting. They help us forget about work and pursue a passion. They give us life. My dad loved fishing. He’d get out of bed early on Saturday or Sunday and spend the morning on Lake Michigan catching perch or walleye. Because of his fishing passion, my dad was able toContinue reading “My Thoughts on Hobbies”