ESL Trivia Challenge 1

Click here for more info on this resource There is nothing more dangerous than a well-prepared teacher. Think about it. Take a motivated teacher, armed with good resources and a desire to make difference. It’s more than a desire to help students engage in the process of learning a new language. There’s a bigger dream. It’sContinue reading “ESL Trivia Challenge 1”

The Monster Pack for Teachers

Save time. Teach well. Engage your language students with this collection of supplementary resources. With 240 pages of pair work ideas, word games, logic puzzles, trivia, smart writing exercises, and more, you’re sure to find an activity for almost any classroom setting. Formatted for easy printing and classroom projectors, you’ve got lessons ready to go.

My TPT Store

I spent sooooo long getting my TPT store to where it is now. If I knew how long it would’ve taken to make even $20 / month, I would’ve given up long ago. Glad I didn’t! Persevere! You too can make some passive income if you WORK HARD for a few years. Think of itContinue reading “My TPT Store”