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If you want to get started on TPT, I’ll walk you through it in this Teachable course.

This will help you organize
your school day and record your daily learning ~ year
after year. Additional forms help you keep track of testing
and special events.

For $5, I’ll walk you through some essential websites for high school teachers.

Use these basic K-6 printable Grammar worksheets with our Diagramming charts (included) to help your students understand the definitions and placements of English words in sentence construction.

Our printable coloring pages are downloadable PDF files that you can print for any occasion: elementary school, holidays, home school curriculum, preschool activities – you name it.

Buy our printable math worksheets for kids all in one bundle. You receive over 900 free math worksheets throughout PrintNPractice in 21 files.  


These printable Phonics worksheets offer practice words for the 26 alphabetical letters and the different phonograms or blends with space to copy the words three times each. 197 pages!

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote beautiful poems that charm children and adults alike.

Now your students can enjoy 61 of his poems while they learn to write nicely. Over 250 handwriting worksheets.

Some words have expanded spellings so your children learn affixes at the same time.

Print and reprint as often as your students need practice.

Contains 672 pages of practice Spelling Worksheets.

With 240 pages of pair work ideas, word games, logic puzzles, trivia, smart writing exercises, and more, you’re sure to find an activity for almost any classroom setting. Formatted for easy printing and classroom projectors, you’ve got lessons ready to go.

Focus student learning on four essential writing skills:

  • Fluency
  • Proficiency
  • Style
  • Inquiry-based reasoning

This 38-page resource provides complete lessons for teaching mineral and rock identification to children through the use of mineral identification stations, hands-on activities, and simple charts.

Read it if you want to become a more effective classroom teacher.

By the legendary John Taylor Gatto.

An interesting read that I highly recommend.

Obviously a classic. Get this if you are new to elementary school teaching.

The essential book for ESL teachers (for older students).

You need to integrate tech into your teaching, and you have to do it effectively! Buy this book!

If you’re dealing with a difficult boss or principal, click the image above.

I think you’ll find this advice quite helpful and affordable.

Having issues with a co-worker? One that isn’t going to quit anytime soon? Go incognito and learn the secret hacks that will remove their irritating behavior and alien personality. Hehe! 🙂

Are you just done with your overbearing bosses behavior? Are they just toxic enough to make your life difficult but not enough to have them thrown in jail? 

Cookbook for busy teachers

Do you enjoy cooking? The recipes in Freezer Meals for Moms are easy to assemble and can be eaten that day or frozen and stored for a later date. 

Get healthy!

This book will help you if you have lost your health focusing on your career and family. It will help you regain vitality and joy life.

Pinterest (mostly worksheets and posters)

You can check out many of my worksheets, posters, rubrics, and syllabi that I sell on TPT. Click the link and follow me!

This is a great standing desk for teachers. Click the image.

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